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Welcome to Cazpurr Bengals of North Carolina.  We are located about a block from the inter coastal water ways of the Atlantic Ocean! We take great pride in our bengal kingdom.  I have been breeding Bengal's for over 14  years. 

Cazpurr Bengals screens for FeLV, FIV, PK Deficiency & HCM. We are members in good standing and show our cats in The International Cat Association (TICA) and ACFA. We also maintain memberships in good standing with various Bengal organizations including The International Bengal Cat Society Club (TIBCS)  for continuing education purposes. 1

    R U looking for that special kitten.  We have it. Go and take a look on my kittens page for an  Available Kitten just for you!  




 We hope you enjoy your visit and do come    back and see us as often as you like.Please introduce your self.  Add yourself to my waiting list. 

  Gogees Black beard of Cazpurr

Welcome feline Bengal cat fans.  We  specialize in  producing our Bengal's to look like the Clouded leopard cat.   We have produced several Supreme Grand champions. Visit our Show page

Just think about it a beautiful domesticated feline "large marked leopard cat" on your lap or in your living room cuddled up on your sofa.  With a very exotic look and a Purr button you might say with that extra ordinary loving personality of a jungle cat.





Since our breeding program started in the 90's We have indeed produced some stunning show cats through out the years.  However now we will be developing and concentrating on pattern.  Exotic,  larger, very bold markings Like the Clouded Leopards pattern.  The Clouded Leopard has been going extinct over the last years.  We truly would like to save this awesome pattern.  Let us know what you think?
You can email us at bengalcat@cazpurr.com


Wine any one?

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